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Discover a compilation of stories and videos about the UF Health Congenital Heart Center and its faculty, staff and patients.

UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital nationally ranked in five specialties

University of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital has been nationally ranked in five medical specialties, making significant gains in three areas — pediatric cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, and diabetes/endocrinology, according to the 2019-20 Best Children’s Hospitals rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report…Read more.

A Big Move for a Bigger Reason

Natalie Mangum was married to her husband, Mike, for five years when he woke up one day and said, “I want to move to Florida”…Read more.

Tiny Fireball: Riley

Erin Campbell was only in her second trimester when she found out that the course of her entire pregnancy would be altered…Read more.

UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital nationally ranked in six medical specialties for 2018-19

Ranked #19 in the country and #1 in the state by U.S. News & World Report, our pediatric cardiology and heart surgery program is the highest-ranked specialty at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital…Read more.

Artificial heart gives a baby girl a second chance at life

For more than half of her life, 15-month-old-Valeria Ocampo lay in her hospital crib and peeked toward her window. On the 10th floor of the UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital, she waited for a new heart to arrive…Read more.

IHOP Restaurants Host Fundraiser For UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital

Doctors told Krystina Lopez Neira that her 14-month-old daughter, Izabella, would not live…Read more.

Lungs for Lexi

Not many teenagers can say they placed first in equestrians at the Special Olympics. Few teenagers can say they had a double-lung transplant, too. Alexia “Lexi” McCue, 13, accomplished both…Read more.

Medical Spotlight: Diego Moguillansky

TV20’s Brianda Villegas sat down with Dr. Diego Moguillansky to discuss about the effects of congenital heart disease that effects millions of Americans…Read more.

Five innovative ways UF Health physicians approach congenital heart care

From Feb. 7 to 14, UF Health recognizes Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, to raise awareness of the most common type of birth defect found in newborns…Read more.

Teen’s battle to stay alive for transplant inspires family, friends, strangers

Andy Herrera Reyes mustered his strength and sat up in bed on Monday morning…Read more.

Teen needs $1.3 million dollars to save his life

A thirteen year old born with congenital heart disease needs about $1.3 million to get him a new heart at UF Health Shands…Read more.

How an artificial heart brought a bubbly’s baby smile back

Valeria Ocampo giggles and babbles as most babies do. She likes to play with her toy giraffe and rattle. What separates her from other babies is she does these things now with the help of an artificial heart…Read more.

Luckiest little miracle around

One local family is starting the new year expressing gratitude to their community for support they received while their infant daughter was fighting for her life…Read more.

Vacation ends in new heart for 11-year-old boy

For seven weeks in a hospital room, unsure of if he’d get a new heart, Lowell Thomas passed the time by memorizing every lyric to “Get’cha Head in the Game” from “High School Musical…Read more.

Something remarkable: A teen celebrates Thanksgiving with his new lungs

At any other time, Matias Cozzi, might have enjoyed Thanksgiving like any 17-year-old. Perhaps he’d overindulge in turkey and pie during an uneventful holiday in the happy company of family…Read more.

UF Health gives boy from Virgin Islands a second chance at life

Lowell Thomas, from the virgin islands, had a normal childhood filled with basketball, video games and lots of dancing. That is, until he could no longer keep up…Read more.

A Quest for Answers: Cayden’s Story

Cayden Kauffman loves to explore the world in his baby walker. Once the 9-month-old gets scooting, there’s no stopping him from thrusting forward and sliding around…Read more.

UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital nationally ranked in six medical specialties for 2017-18

The University of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital ranks among the nation’s best pediatric hospitals in six medical specialties, according to the Best Children’s Hospitals rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report…Read more.

Cribside Critical Care

David “Jackson” Rodes was born on April 8 to Ashley DuBois and David Rodes of Tallahassee. Already sporting a full head of dark brown hair, Jackson had a seemingly normal first 14 hours of life until a nurse noticed that he had started to turn purple…Read more.

Finding the Root of the Problem

Ask Ethan Church what he’s passionate about and the answer may seem unusual for a 17-year-old: forestry and soil science…Read more.

UF Health first in Florida to offer iPad app to caregivers of infants with rare heart defect

Ever since her son’s birth in December, Elicia Ford has looked forward to the day when she can bring little Levi home to Panama City, Florida…Read more.

Tanecia’s Story

On the surface, Tanecia Fisher is a sassy and spunky munchkin. Like other 5-year-old girls, Tanecia can be found pedaling her red tricycle, being mesmerized by “Frozen,” and blending shades of Play-Doh®…Read more.


Janan’s mother describes her son as a tenacious problem solver. From playing with matching objects to reading with his siblings, Janan’s transformation from a year ago has his physicians mystified…Read more.

UF Health among top hospitals nationwide for quality of care in congenital heart surgery

UF Health Shands Hospital has earned the highest rating from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons, or STS, for its patient care and outcomes in congenital heart surgery…Read more.

UF Health’s pediatric heart transplant program saves lives

Christina Cinca was 13 when she held her sick heart in her hand. Her doctors, of UF Health Shands Hospital, brought it to her after an eight-hour surgery in September 2014…Read more.

UF Health’s Pediatric Heart Transplant Program Tops the Nation in Patient Survival

UF Health Shands Hospital has surpassed all pediatric heart transplant programs in the nation with zero deaths over a two and a half year period, according to a report released on Jan. 7 by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, or SRTR, a database that analyzes and evaluates organ transplantation programs across the nation…Read more.

New Year, New Heart

In 2008, Gracyn practiced tirelessly to perfect her solo to “Away in a Manger” for a Christmas show. But unbeknownst to Gracyn, she soon would have to forego her holiday spectacle and prepare for the role of a lifetime – becoming a fighter…Read more.

Welcoming Grayson to the Gator Nation

With a lineage of orange and blue blood running through their veins, UF alumni Samantha and Ryan knew that their unborn son would one day become part of the Gator nation…Read more.

Heart to Heart

UF surgeons and dedicated medical teams give miracle conjoined twins a chance at a full life through ground-breaking procedures…Read more.

In the Depths of the Mind

How UF researchers have turned 3-D-printed dreams into research realities…Read more.

Team Nina: Cristina’s Story

At 6 years old, doctor’s diagnosed Cristina Cinca with a life-threatening cardiac abnormality that would require heart transplantation…Read more.

Five-Year-Old, Miss K, Battles Rare Disorder

Kendall Lewis’s mother had no idea something was wrong when her daughter was born…Read more.

Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated

Conjoined twin girls who were connected at the heart and other organs have been successfully separated in an extremely rare surgery…Read more.

Fixing a Tiny Broken Heart

On the surface, no one would know that this handsome, giggling little boy was born with one of the more complex forms of congenital heart disease…Read more.

America’s Next Ninja Warrior: Katelyn’s Story

Standing at 4-feet and 8-inches-tall, Katelyn Eldred, 10, wants to become a Spartan Race Champion or American Ninja Warrior…Read more.

UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital recognized in nine medical specialties

The University of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital has been recognized as one of the nation’s best hospitals for children in nine medical specialties…Read more.

New heart brings second chance and new life to local woman

For one young woman, that statistic hits very close to home. Without a new heart, she knew she likely wouldn’t survive…Read more.

Unbreakable: Christina’s Journey

During a family vacation in 2003, Christina Miller noticed an unusual shortness of breath and fatigue as she traveled Europe…Read more.

Home is Where the Heart Is

The Campbell family, whose children — 3 biological and 7 adopted — range in age from one and half to 24, recently welcomed Janan, the newest addition to their family, and he has required little extra care…Read more.

A Life Yet to Live: Owen’s Reversal of Heart

From playing in the dirt to watching birds and squirrels, Owen Maier is a spirited, blue eyed and rosy-cheeked toddler. However, behind the animated personality, Owen is one of the many success stories from the UF Health Congenital Heart Center in Gainesville…Read more.

Top 5 Factoids Parents Should Know About Having a Child with Congenital Heart Defect

This week, UF Health is raising awareness about congenital heart defect, or CHD, as part of National CHD Awareness Week. CHD is a heart defect that is present at birth, and can appear in multiple shapes and forms…Read more.

Ocala girl awaits new heart at UF Center in Gainesville

There is a bright light coming from the 10th floor of UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital… Read more.

From teething to transplant: Izabella’s Journey

In December of 2011, Krystina Lopez was given little hope that her twin daughters, Jesubelle and Izabella who were born three months premature, would survive… Read more.

UF Health Congenital Heart Center Celebrates 10 Years of Healing Heart

In December of 2014, Adam and Cassidy Pridgeon received exciting news that they would be welcoming their first child in the following year… Read more.

Sanford teen awaiting heart transplant after receiving temporary total artificial heart

A 16-year-old girl in severe multi-organ system and heart failure is the first in Florida to receive the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart, the only approved mechanical device that eliminates the symptoms and source of heart failure…Read more.

UF Health to open pediatric cardiac intensive care unit

The unit’s transformation from administrative offices to advanced clinical space to provide highly specialized care to patients with congenital heart disease embodies UF Health’s commitment to create a family-focused children’s hospital…Read more.

Sweet Heart

Tallahassee couple David and Krista Kahn knew Krista’s pregnancy with twins was complicated, but they never imagined they would find themselves at Shands Hospital for Children at UF, or that one of their babies would have two open-heart surgeries before she was 5 months old…Read more.