Past Fellows

Where Our Past Fellows Are Now

Summer Rye-Buckingham 2020-2023 Imaging UF Health CHC
John-Anthony Coppola, MD 2019-2022 Heart failure and Transplant UF Health CHC
Tavenner Dibert, MD 2019-2022 PICU Fellowship UF Health
Arjun Mahendran 2018-2021 ACHD UT Austin
Laura Wilson, MD 2017-2020 Imaging UF Health CHC
Ryan Boggs, MD 2016-2019 Imaging Tampa
Alan Brock, MD 2016-2019 CICU UF Health CHC
Frank Han, MD 2015-2018 ACHD University of Illinois
Ashley Cooley, MD 2014-2017 Pediatric Cardiology UT San Antonio
Ameneh Ebadi, DO 2013-2016 Pediatric Cardiology Orlando
Dipankar Gupta, MD 2013-2016 Heart failure and Transplant UF Health CHC
Kaliki Venkata Giridhar 2012-2015 CICU Fort Lauderdale

*The chart above includes fellows within the past nine years only.