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UF Health first in Florida to offer app to caregivers of infants with rare heart defect

Ever since her son’s birth in December, Elicia Ford has looked forward to the day when she can bring little Levi home to Panama City, Florida…

Tanecia’s Story

On the surface, Tanecia is a sassy munchkin. Like other 5-year-old girls, Tanecia can be found pedaling her red tricycle, being mesmerized by “Frozen,” and blending shades of Play-Doh®…


Janan’s mother describes her son as a tenacious problem solver. From playing with matching objects to reading with his siblings, Janan’s transformation from a year ago has his physicians mystified…

UF Health among top hospitals nationwide for quality of care in congenital heart surgery

UF Health Shands Hospital has earned the highest rating from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons for its patient care and outcomes in congenital heart surgery…

UF College of Medicine welcomes well known pediatric cardiologist

From Feb. 15 to Feb. 17, the department of pediatrics at the University of Florida College of Medicine hosted the annual Francisco A. Hernandez Lectureship in Pediatric Cardiology. The lectureship […]

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Cholesterol Personal Stories

Real patients share their experiences with lowering their cholesterol levels.


What is cholesterol? The American Heart Association explains how cholesterol affect the heart. Learn about prevention of high cholesterol and treatment of high cholesterol, healthy cholesterol levels,...


The American Heart Association explains that if you have too many lipids – or fats – in the blood that's called hyperlipidemia. Learn what you can do.

Symptoms, Diagnosis & Monitoring of High Cholesterol

Three simple steps: get tested, make a plan and follow your doctor's recommendations to manage your cholesterol.

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Cardiac Catheterizations for Heart Defects

The American Heart Association explains that doctors can repair some heart defects without surgically opening your chest by using a procedure called an interventional cardiac catheterization.

Congenital Heart Defects and Physical Activity

The American Heart Association explains that exercise has many benefits and should be a regular part of almost anyone's life including most people with congenital heart disease.

Recommendations for Heart Health

The American Heart Association explains that if you have congenital heart disease, it's very important for you to follow the "healthy-heart recommendations" for diet and activity.

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After water reporting institute, stories keep flowing

All over the University of Florida campus, researchers grapple with how to meet the world’s ever-increasing need for access to clean, fresh water. For a group that convened at the College of...

Injured veteran to graduate with physical therapy degree

Jordan Kooiman has a special appreciation for the veterans and active duty military personnel he has worked with during his clinical internships as part of the University of Florida doctor of physical...

11 ways the orange and blue is green, too

When Jessica Miller drives to the University of Florida campus, she’s not just getting to work. As part of the Neutral UF Coalition, her commute pays for trees to clean the air and energy...